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The Unsatisfying Series

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The Unsatisfying series by Parallel studio 

In 2016 Parallel Studio produced a video about unsatisfying situations - the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things that can occur in every day life. The little so painful to live or even to watch things, those "not such a big deal but still!" cringeworthy moments. These moments are almost universally relatable.

The project was inspired by those "most satisfying videos", relating a series of enjoyable satisfying moments, that have become somewhat of an internet trend. Turning this idea on its head, Parallel studio explored the unsatisfying to create the retro feel short film below. The warm colour palette and peaceful environments for each scene cleverly accentuating the frustrating endings.


The Work 

The film consists of 15 scenes which were broken down into separate episodes across Parallel Studio's Instagram page and delivered to their 18k followers and beyond.

The Results

After over two million views and with so many ideas and scenarios that would be humorous to animate, an animation challenge was launched.

Aimed at the motion design community, the principle was simple: produce a motion design video between 1 and 10 seconds long relating to an unsatisfying moment. This challenge became very successful and engaging across social media platforms. With various motion artists participating, it became a collaborative effort to produce great content, receiving more than a hundred unsatisfying short films.