Pocko Social


Pocko.Social is Pocko's sister agency, dedicated to creative influencers and based in Berlin, London and Milan.

We develop social content and represent talents with a global audience.

Our services:

Creative Consultancy / Brand Content  and Activations/ Art Direction / Social Responsive Campaigns / Social Responsive Campaigns


Get in touch: info@pocko.com


Some CAUSES WE support:

Migrants and Asylum seekers
Gang violence - Knife Crime
LGBTQI+ Rights
Mental Health
Climate Change
Gender Equality


At Pocko we believe in a better world. We feel that art and creativity have a role to play in it, bringing about positive change in todays current social climate.

Through Pocko Social we aim to work with social issues in mind, using art and creativity to support charities, foundations and institutions that tackle the social emergencies at hand.

Based in Berlin and London.

Get in touch: info@pocko.com