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Gender Equality & Activism

To be a girl is to be strong, even when you don’t want to be. Living in an oppressive society has taught us to work twice as hard to earn the same respect as a man. We can openly express our emotions and aren’t afraid to cry, but this is the result of our inner strength.
— Bijou Karman



We can’t change the world BUT we can change our habits. The planet can survive into eternity but we can’t.
— Marco Oggian



Love is the most intense and highest emotion we can feel. Love as a feeling has no genders, no exclusion and definitely no preferences.
— Michela Picchi



Our role as illustrators and storytellers is to change the culture around nature. Climate change reminds us that we can’t live ignoring or going against our environment. Humanity is part of nature and that’s the story we should tell.
— Benjamin Flouw


The meat industry draining the planet’s resources on a daily basis is truly alarming and distressing. As an image maker it is essential to help present the problems at hand in a new light for a broad audience and to offer an imager leading way for innovation.
— Ana Tortos
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We have the responsibility as human beings to take care of our beloved planet, inspire others to wake up, to rise and build the world we want. As an artist, my purpose is to inspire, and creatively, sow seeds so that new ideas of change flourish in people’s minds and hearts.
— Carolina Niño Büro