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Pocko for global climate strike

On the 20th of September, students and people of all ages took to the streets in support of Greta Thunberg for the Global Climate Strike. In solidarity with Mother London, Greenpeace UK and school children across the globe, the dynamic Pocko artists (plus a few guests) help spread the message that climate change is an urgent priority and we need more solutions.

The work

Pocko was proud to have our talented network of artists create images that represent the urgency of climate change, these images were then shared across the Pocko and Mother London social media platforms, urging as all to speak up and ACT NOW! Artworks created by Dave Anderson, Paul Bower, Luca Bendandi, Niko Blak, Paige Collins, Valero Duval, Timothy Durand, Benjamin Flouw, Pete Gamlen, Alessandra Genualdo, Kyoko Hamada, Simon Landrein, Marco Oggian, Vasty, Brüno Shatz and Sam Russell Walker.